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Kalbarri National Park

Location: ajana road kalbarri

Kalbarri gorges

The gorges and formations carved by the Murchison River attract thousands of visitors to Kalbarri National Park every year. Short walks provide easy access to spectacular lookouts The Loop, Nature’s Window, Z-Bend, Hawk’s Head and Ross Graham. The Loop and Nature’s Window

Several lookouts offer different views of the winding loop in the gorge below. A 400m walk from The Loop car park brings you to one of WA’s most iconic natural attractions

Nature’s Window

This natural rock arch frames the river view perfectly and is a must-snap photograph opportunity in Kalbarri National Park. For an unforgettable gorge adventure, follow the 8km Loop Walk Trail beginning and ending at Nature’s Window.


Considered by many to offer the most breathtaking view in the park, the Z-Bend lookout can be reached by a 500-metre walk trail from the car park. Gazing down, the gorge plunges 150 metres to the river below where river redgums create a striking contrast against the earthy Tumblagooda sandstone.

Hawk’s Head

This top picnic spot has a brand new lookout over the Murchison River gorge, complete with a wheelchair-accessible path.

Ross Graham Lookout

This spot offers the easiest access point in Kalbarri National Park, with a short walking trail from the car park leading you to the shaded and tranquil river’s edge.


From July to October, the blooms of over 1,000 species of WA wildflowers bring a riot of colour to Kalbarri National Park’s vast sandplains. See the wildflower page for details.

Coastal cliffs Extending 13km to the south of town, Kalbarri National Park also boasts some of WA’s most striking coastal landscapes, secluded beaches, surf breaks and whale watching spots. Take a short drive, or follow the walk and cycle path that hugs the coast.



Red Bluff

Panoramic ocean views from the top of Red Bluff’s 100m cliffs make it a perfect vantage point for spotting marine creatures, from dolphins to migrating humpback whales. At its base lies one of Kalbarri’s most popular beaches for swimming, snorkelling and fishing.

Mushroom Rock Walk Trail

Marvel at the varied geological formations that are ablaze with colour at sunset. A visit at dawn or dusk will also reward you with glimpses of kangaroos grazing on the coastal heath. Allow an hour to explore the marked trail that connects Rainbow Valley and Mushroom Rock.

Pot Alley

The view south from the car park captures the rugged beauty of Kalbarri National Park’s remarkable coastline. Follow the stepped path to the secluded beach below and perhaps chance upon a craypot cast ashore on stormy seas.

Eagle Gorge

Enjoy the panorama from the crest or wander down into the depths of the gorge, where you’ll discover a delightful beach. Watch as eagles soar in the skies above, catching the updrafts and searching for prey.

Island Rock and Natural Bridge

The forces of the ocean have sculpted some rather precarious rock formations in the cliffs at the southern edge of Kalbarri National Park. Take in the spectacular views from the safety of the lookouts.