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Access to these sites is 11km from town along the Kalbarri-Ajana Road. Turn off at The Loop/Z-Bend Road. The roads into all inland gorge sites are fully sealed and accessible to all types of vehicles, with shade shelters, toilets and picnic facilities.   This is a day use park only and as such no camping is permitted.

Click here for information on camping areas.


Meanarra Hill Lookout

This should be your first stop in the morning on the way out to the River Gorges.  Just a few kilometres out of town this limestone capped peak is visible from several different locations around Kalbarri. At 207m above sea level this is the perfect vantage point for 360° views of Kalbarri and the Murchison River flowing into the Indian Ocean. Take a picnic and enjoy the views from the sheltered seating area.

West Loop lookout (Inyaka Wookai Watju)

Currently closed while the Skywalk is constructed.

Natures Window

Class 3, 1km return

Walk down a picturesque trail to one of WA’s most iconic natural attractions. Natures Window perfectly frames the river and is top on the list of photo opportunities.

Loop Hike

Class 4, 8km return

Keen and well prepared walkers can continue walking from Natures Window further into the gorge system and complete the 8 km Loop Trail – a challenging but impressive walk. Along the way you’ll pass vantage points that provide different perspectives on the switchback course of the Murchison River.

Z-Bend Lookout

Class 3, 1.2 km return

Considered by many to offer the most breathtaking view of the park, the gorge plunges 150m down where red river gums create a striking contrast against the earthy Tumblagooda sandstone.

Z-Bend River Trail

Class 4, 2.6km return

Access from the Z-Bend lookout path, this demanding hike provides river access. Expect loose rocks, steep descents and ladder climbs with spectacular scenery along this trail.

Four Ways Trail (Idinggada Yina)

Class 4, 6km return

Starting at the Z-Bend car park, this strenuous hike descends to the river with the return leg more challenging. For those interested in geology and landforms this stunning hike is a must.


Access to the following sites are 36km from town on the Kalbarri-Ajana Road. These are sealed roads suitable for any vehicles, with a loop-carpark, toilets & shelter.

Hawks Head

Class 1, 200m return

Hawk’s Head is aptly named after the shape of the rock structure seen from the lookout. Enjoy the gorge views from a picnic area or wander down the sealed path to the lookout above the river.

Ross Graham Lookout

Class 3, 700m return 

Named after the first school teacher in Kalbarri, Ross Graham was a devoted conservationist who aided in the exploration of the Murchison River. This lookout offers breathtaking views over the gorges. Take a short walk from the lookout down to the river’s edge and relax under the shady canopy.


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Explore Kalbarri

Explore Kalbarri

Nestled at the mouth of the Murchison River, Kalbarri boasts an ideal climate where fishing, swimming & many coastal activities can be enjoyed all year round.

Add to that the amazing Wildflower & Humpback Whale season and you have the perfect destination for your next holiday.

From the rugged inland gorges to the dramatic coastal cliffs, sensational beaches to the tranquil Murchison River, Kalbarri is unique and has something to offer everyone.