Chinaman's Beach

Chinaman's Beach is an ideal spot to take a swim in the turquoise blue waters where the Murchison River meets the sea. This is a lovely beach area for families and kids, a sheltered beach cove that makes an afternoon swim on a summers day the perfect spot to refresh.  Gorgeous views, shade shelters, a toilet block and a barbeque area make this a favourite beach destination, if you are lucky the dolphins may even make an appearance at sunset. Apart from being the local swimming beach, the point at Chinamans Beach is also a great spot to fish, try off the rocks or from the wheelchair accessible platform.

***No fishing on the beach/ No pets allowed.


Murchison River

The Murchison River stretches the entirety of the Kalbarri township, swimming spots start at Chinaman's Beach and continue northwards for 1.5kms. The salt water from the ocean moves into the river mouth daily with tidal movement making this estuary ideal for swimming in certain areas. Boating, fishing, swimming, paddling ....... many water adventures to be had on the Murchison River.

Kids nature playground, BBQs, shade shelters, toilets and jetties are a few of the facilities you will find along this river foreshore.

***Fishing is allowed in permitted areas/ pets in permitted areas, there is a dog exercise area at the northern end of the river foreshore.



Blue Holes

A visit to Blue Holes beach is a must do for every visitor to Kalbarri. Not only is Blue Holes a sheltered swimming beach, it is also a Fish Habitat Protection Area which makes it an interactive ocean adventure in and under the water, THE place to get in the water with your goggle and snorkel. The limestone reef system is home to more than 70 species of finfish, 11 species of coral, crustaceans, western rock lobsters and much more. Morning visits are recommended at this popular swimming spot. There is a shade shelter and a toilet block at this beach. Location is just a five minute drive from the heart of Kalbarri or a short walk/bike ride on the Melaleuca Walk Trail 2km.

***No fishing/ No pets allowed.


Back Beach

A 10 minute walk from town and the start of our reef coastline, Back Beach is a great place to explore shallow rock pools or to take in a sunset. Trails from this area lead to Chinaman's Point and the Zuytdorp memorial lookout.


Siphon Beach

Marking the southernmost boundary of the Fish Habitat Protection Area, Siphon Beach is an ideal stretch of shoreline to take in an early morning stroll. It is a relatively quiet spot with a beautiful reef break. Dog friendly.


Jakes Point - National Surfing Reserve

One of the state's most famous and remote surfing breaks, Jakes Point is on most surfers bucket list. The elevation at Jakes Point creates a natural grandstand for spectators to watch surfers and dolphins riding this world class wave. This iconic lefthander is a National Surfing Reserve, stand only metres from the powerful waves and be in awe of Mother Nature, she does put on a spectacular visual display here, waves as big as 10ft create an energy and buzz when the swell is pumping. Take a walk from Jakes Point to Red Bluff and enjoy the striking views between these two iconic locations. 

Just down the beach, Jakes Bay provides protected areas from the prevailing summer sea breeze. Jakes Bay offers a safer option for the novice surfer or the perfect training ground for the next generation of talent to learn how to surf. A couple of shallow rock pools for the little ones away from the moving water make this a child friendly beach area.

Both areas are dog friendly, there are shade shelters and a toilet block.


Wittecarra Beach

This stretch of beach from Wittecarra Beach south to Red Bluff is a popular choice for beach fishing, it is the only beach destination within the township of Kalbarri with 4WD access to the water. Situated between Jakes Point and Red Bluff, this is a scenic location with many natural wonders, watch the powerful waves crash into the sandy banks, view pods of dolphins passing close by offshore and spot whales migrating north/south between late May to mid October. Maybe even see a sleepy seal taking a nap on the beach. This is a dog friendly area.


Red Bluff Beach

Red Bluff Beach is at the start of the coastal national park, this is a sheltered cove surrounded by million year old Tumblagooda sandstone rock escarpments that majestically contrast the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Offering breathtaking views with the stunning Red Bluff as a back drop spend time exploring in and out of the water in this area. A swimming spot when the waters are calm, a place to spend some time fishing or walk the marked beach trail (1.4km) along the rugged coastal landscape. Grab your camera for a visit to Red Bluff Beach, it is a photographers paradise.

This beach has a shade shelter and toilet facilities. ***No pets allowed.


* Please be aware of water safety and weather conditions when entering the ocean or river for swimming.