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Kalbarri Wildflowers

  FroHybrid Cowslip Orchid Richard Burges 1m July to October, more than 12,000 wildflower species carpet the Mid West region with their vivid and vibrant beauty, 60 per cent of which are found      no where else on Earth. Some also are very hard to find so tread lightly and be prepared to walk a little to find the more rare and smaller species.

 The climate does play a role in the abundance and variety that appear in the National Park every year. If we experience a particularly dry winter the flowers will be less and the rarer species harder to find, but one thing we can tell you is you will be amazed at what you will experience in the Kalbarri National Park.

Did you know that Western Australia has the largest variety of wildflowers in the world? With over 1100 species found in our National Park.

Beginning in late June, the dry sand plains and coastal and river gorges of Kalbarri National Park transform into a vivid display of colour. In the five months that follow, over 1,100 species of Western Australian wildflowers can burst into bloom across the Kalbarri region.

Wildflower Reports

If you time your visit to coincide with the wildflower season, be sure to stop in at the Kalbarri Visitor Centre for the latest wildflower updates and sighting information. We have great local knowledge and also receive constant updates from local guides, making us the best place to find all the flower gossip including what species are flowering and where. We also love to share pics and stories from our visitors on instagram #kalbarri and facebook with any flowers that you may have discovered on your visit.

Use our exclusive pocket sized Kalbarri Wildflowers book as your identification guide, and as a reminder of your visit to our beautiful region, written and published by the Kalbarri Visitor Centre for only $9.95.





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White Plume Grevillea (Grevillea leucopteris)

We call this Grevillea ‘Smelly Socks’ for it’s pungent scent that comes out at night when the weather warms up.