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Fishing in the River

Species such as Whiting, Small Tailor, soapy Mulloway, Mangrove Jack, Black Bream, Yellowfin Bream all can be found in the Murchison River. Fishing from the jetties, Chinamans Rock or further upstream can be rewarding even for the littlest of anglers.

Both Blue Manna and Mud Crabs are found in the Murchison – ask at the Sport & Dive Shop for more info.


Beach Fishing

Wittecarra Creek and Red Bluff Beach are the best beach spots to check out. Monster Tailor, Mulloway and Shark all frequent this stretch of beach. The rocks at Red Bluff Beach produce great size Gardies especially during Winter.

Pot Alley and other cliff fishing spots can offer amazing land based fishing with Snapper and much more pulled up. However these dangerous cliffs are best left to those that know the area well, but Dean or Jenny at the Sport & Dive shop will be able to give you some advice in this area.



The world is your oyster in the waters off Kalbarri. Dhufish & Red Emperor, Snapper, Sharks, Bluebone, Coral Trout, Tuna & Spanish Mackerel are just a few.

The Kalbarri Rivermouth can be dangerous and unpredictable. Please contact VMR located on the riverfront before heading out.

Click here to download the Department of Transport boating guide to help you navigate our waters.


No Fishing Zones

The only no-fishing area in the river is Chinamans Beach which is our beautiful swimming beach – watch for the signs!

Along the coast we have Blue Holes which is a FHPA (Fish Habitat Protection Area) No fishing, jetskis or taking of any crustaceans or shoreline objects.

For more information on Blue Holes FHPA click here.



The Kalbarri Fishing Guide at $5 is a must and worth every cent, buy it at the Visitor Centre!

Book a fishing charter HERE and let them worry about all the details so you can concentrate on bringing up the fish of a lifetime!

For more information on catch limits & sizes click here!

Visit Kalbarri Sport & Dive for all your tackle, bait & local knowledge.

Don't forget the demersal finfish ban which takes effect from the 15th October - 15th December each year in the West Coast Bioregion, which extends from the Zuytdorp Cliffs down to Black Point on the South Coast.

For more information on seasonal closures click here.


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