*** Kalbarri Lucky Bay Campground and Beach Access is CLOSED due to low level flooding in the area until further notice - Notification by Kalbarri Parks & Wildlife Service - 08 9937 1140

Kalbarri Skate Park

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Kalbarri Skate Park

Kalbarri Skate Park is a brand new community initiative and classed as ‘Competition Standard Park.


A bowl and street skate area.
The bowl is the second biggest in Western Australia.
It has a 6” section that transitions into a 8” section, housing a 9” deep taco.

The street section consists of -
•4” quarter-pipe
•Flat bank with Hubbas
•Ledge 350 high
•Flat Rail 400 high
•Euro Gap
•Flat Bank 450 high
•Kicker to kicker over gap
•Roll over pump bump
•Steep hipped flat bank 1200 high

We want everyone to come and have a good time and it is recommended that you were protective gear at the park
It is a smoke free zone and the consumption of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated.
Kalbarri Skate park is located on Porter Street Kalbarri

Map & Directions

Porter St Kalbarri WA 6536