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Offering walk trails with sandstone cliffs plunging more than 100 metres to the ocean. Allow plenty of time to explore this remarkable expanse of rugged coastline, decaying cliffs and amazing rock formations all within 16km to the south of Kalbarri.

Stay clear of cliff edges and overhangs and keep to paths and lookouts where provided. Beware of slippery rocks and big seas with massive wave surges.

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Natural Bridge

Class 1, 200m return

This lookout is a short walk from the carpark, where visitors can enjoy stunning coastal views. Be on the lookout for marine life, including whales and dolphins.

The Bigurda Boardwalk

Class 1, 1.2Km return

This raised boardwalk connects Island Rock to Natural Bridge, accessible from either carpark. A shaded shelter along the way provides a stunning place to sit, relax and enjoy the views over the horizon. The adventurous can continue on to the Bigurda Trail.


Island Rock

The resilient Island Rock was once part of the shoreline, now standing as a solitary 'sea stack' against the forces of the ocean. Viewing platforms are a short distance from the carpark, providing spectacular views of this geological oddity.

Shellhouse Grandstand

This site gave the impression of a shell shaped house on the side of the cliff to fisherman at sea. The terraced rock face is best viewed at sunset with glowing light on the sandstone cliff.


Bigurda Trail

Class 3, 8km one-way (16km return)

Bigurda is Nanda for a small kangaroo also known as the euro.

Connecting Eagle Gorge to Natural Bridge this sandy trail provides stunning coastal views with great photo opportunities. This unique walk offers a vast array of wildflower species from winter through to the end of spring. Dolphin pods are a common sight, as well as Humpback Whales. Some parts have uneven surfaces with loose stones, hugs the coastline and is close to the clifftop – watch your step.

Eagle Gorge

As you take in views from the Eagle Gorge lookout, watch for seasonal whales and seabirds while listening to the pound of the waves below. For anyone seeking a little extra, take the stepped rocky path to discover a secluded beach that’s well worth the effort.


Pot Alley

Pot Alley was named by local cray fishermen after losing many pots to this hazardous cove. The view south from the cliff top truly captures the rugged beauty of this coastline. Take the winding, rocky walk down to the beautiful beach. Great to explore, however swimming is not recommended, the life buoy reveals the danger of this coastline.


Mushroom Rock Nature Trail

Class 3, 3km loop

This loop trail takes you on a contrasting journey of discovery. Informative signage along the path takes you back 400 million years to a time when Australia was known as Gondwanaland and marine life ruled the planet. See a range of rock formations from worm tubes to round boulders and banded colours of sandstone layers. At dawn or dusk witness kangaroos feeding amidst the coastal heath and rocky outcrops, the ocean never being far from sight.

Red Bluff lookout

Class 1, 500m

Red Bluff has an elevation point the highest in the area. With 100m of soaring cliff face, this iconic landmass can be seen from various locations around Kalbarri.

Pederick Lookout

Class 1, 300m

Interpretive signage located along this path, reveals the intriguing history of the area. From Pederick Lookout see sandy beaches below and the striking Zuytdorp Cliffs to the north. Continue further to complete the Red Bluff to Beach Trail.

Red Bluff to Beach Trail (Gaba Gaba Yina)

Class 3, 1.4km return

Hike down from Pederick lookout to Red Bluff beach, see amazing views across the Indian Ocean, impressive rock formations and reward yourself with a swim at the bottom. This track is steep with loose surfaces.