Pelican Feeding - Every Morning @ 8:45am

General Events At The Pelican Feeding Point 92 Grey St, Kalbarri WA 6536, Australia

Monday 25th March - Tuesday 25th March
8:45 - 9:15am

Come join us on the foreshore!

Pelican Feeding is at 8:45am every morning on the Kalbarri foreshore opposite The Pelican Cafe.

Watch as the volunteers feed the pelicans and give an educational talk, if you're lucky you may be selected to give the pelicans a fish!

It is a free event however a gold coin donation is appreciated to help cover the cost of fish.

We thank our volunteers who make it possible and create an enjoyable experience unique to Kalbarri.

Please note the pelicans are wild animals, they are not trained and we cannot guarantee pelicans or volunteers will show every day of the year.


How it started...

There was never a plan to have a unique experience with the pelicans for the visitors that come to Kalbarri.

In 1975 a local fisherman named Cliff Ross filleted fish on the Kalbarri foreshore and fed the scraps the pelicans that would waddle up to him. Almost 50 years later this tradition continues a stone's throw away from Cliff's historic home, now known as The Pelican Cafe Kalbarri.After this happening for so many years the pelicans in this area now know where to go for a good feed.

You'll see pelicans all along the Murchison River, they like to gather around the boats in search of fish and also rest on the small rock island in front of the Volunteer Marine Rescue Building.

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