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Come on board with Reefwalker Charters and take a trip with locally born and bred owner operator Aydan Curic. His beautiful homebase of Kalbarri is part of Australia's Coral Coast, Western Australia, where beach, bush and every kind of Aussie scenery is rolled into one. He will kindly welcome you into his "Gantheaume Bay playground" and let you experience what these beautiful waters have to offer. He can take you to catch a fish, see the dolphins and whales, pull a lobster pot or just enjoy the sunset in the company of friends!
Aydan is a second generation Curic & he is continuing his fathers' legacy of the late Robert Curic who first established Reefwalker Charters in 1992.

Reefwalkers' 50ft quality vessel is the most personalised and best equipped fishing charter boat in Kalbarri. Cruising at 18 knots the vessel stands high out of the water and rides like a dream. It takes up to 29 passengers and is ideal for corporate and private functions as well as daily fishing trips and eco-tours.

Reefwalker Charters' are fun for all ages- they are family and beginner friendly and Aydan offers discounts for his "frequent floaters". The company proudly supports the local community and the Ilse G is available for charters all year round.


Fishing charters
Dolphin encounters
Whale watching
Sunset cruises
Lobster pot pull
Corporate events.

Skipper & Crew who want to share their local knowledge!
World class equipment
Toilet facilities
Fridge & large Ice box
Filleting service- upon request
Local tradition requires that you bring your own lunch, coffee, tea & bottled water is provided.


FISHING CHARTER: Kalbarri is highly rated as one of Western Australia's premier fishing holiday destinations.Whether you are the experienced, average, or a beginner to angling, our charter will cater for your needs.
Depending on the season we target Pink Snapper, Dhufish, Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Bald Chin Groper, Spanish Mackerel, Yellowfin Tuna and Sharks.
Your charter will include gear, bait, tackle and non-alcoholic beverages.. On board the Ilse G there are toilet facilities, an undercover deck area with seating and an icebox to keep your catch cool! Local tradition requires that you bring your own lunch. We will provide the maximum effort to make your day fun and successful.

DOLPHIN ENCOUNTER CRUISES: Reefwalker Adventure Tours has daily trips leaving from the Marina early in the morning . Each dolphin watching tour is an opportunity to get close to Bottlenose dolphins as they interact with each other in their marine environment.
Our in depth knowledge of the dolphins , where they tend to travel along the Kalbarri coastline and their habitat is based on 18 years of dolphin watching experience in Kalbarri. Come cruising and share in the wonder and excitement of meeting dolphins in the wild.

WHALE WATCHING: Kalbarri is blessed with seasonal (June/mid November) visits of the majestic Humpback whale and the occasional Southern Right whale. Whilst in the waters of Kalbarri, the whales feed their calves and rest for the journey back to Antartica.
We usually spot whales within 20 minutes, otherwise we can pretty well ensure encounters within the hour. Each whale watching trip is an opportunity to get close to these levethians in their marine environment. 100% sightings guaranteed, if not you can come again for free

SUNSET CLIFF CRUISE : Kalbarri is one of the best locations to see the sunset from the sea. Embark on a sunset cruise with Reefwalker Adventure Tours and let us take you up close to fabulous Red Bluff, Mushroom Rock, Rainbow Valley, Pot Alley and Eagle Gorge while the sun dips into the ocean and the rocks take on the colour of fire.
This cruise departs from the marina 2 hours before sundown.

ROCK LOBSTER POT PULL: Come and pull the pots and cruise out in the calm of the morning to see the catch of the day.Our ROCK LOBSTER POT PULL is a seasonal tour (Nov/June).We pull several pots and it is always a gamble how many lobsters there will be or what else might have found it's way into the lobster pot...

Map & Directions

28 Grey Street Kalbarri


Directions: Reefwalker departs from pen 1 at the Marina- you won't miss us!
Complimentary pick up is available please advise at time of booking.

Cancellation Policy

Please review the Kalbarri Visitor Centre Terms and Conditions prior to completing your booking https://www.kalbarri.org.au/terms How to Book
Shared Line (2 Adults) book as an Observer.
Shared Line (1 Adult 1 Child 3-12yrs) book as a student.
Tours Depart from pen 1 at the Kalbarri marina
All tours are subject to weather conditions & minimum numbers apply.

* Cancellation Policy *
Cancellation due to weather conditions
Reefwalker Charters will provide a full refund if a charter is cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Reefwalker Charters is responsible for deciding whether a charter will be cancelled due to poor weather. Cancellation due to ill health- Reefwalker Charters requires a reasonable amount of notice before the charter departs port for customers to receive a full refund if they are unwell/ unfit to attend their booking. Reefwalker Charters reserves the rights to decide whether the amount of notice given is reasonable. Cancellation due to “no show”- Reefwalker Charters will not refund customers who do not turn up to their booking without notice. General cancellation - Provided customers give a *reasonable amount of notice Reefwalker Charters will provide a full refund to customers who decide to cancel a booking on their own terms for their own reasons. Reefwalker Charters reserves the rights to decide whether the amount of notice given by the customer is reasonable.

Liability Conditions
Reefwalker Charters offer Eco - Adventure and fishing charters involving some physical activity and adventure itineraries and is a personal choice. This being the case Reefwalker Charters expects each passenger understands any risks involved and is personally able to accept such risks as part of the charter offered. Reefwalker Charters shall not be liable for any death personal injury or loss or damage to property.

All passengers shall comply with any direction given for the safety of the vessel and comfort of passengers and agree that wilful non-compliance with such directions may result in an immediate return to the embarkment point without refund. It is a condition of booking and undertaking a charter that any passenger indemnify Reefwalker Charters for all wilful damage caused by any such non-compliant passenger.

All passengers of Reefwalker Charters shall be liable for any costs associated with repairs and/or replacement of the vessel and/or equipment which occurs as a result of wilful damage. Weather Conditions Reefwalker Charters endeavour to operate all charters in safe and appropriate weather conditions. Weather is monitored closely at all times and in the event the conditions are considered to be unsafe Reefwalker Charters reserve the right to cancel charters up until the intended departure time. All effort is made to give as much prior notice of cancellation as possible but no liability is accepted for inconvenience or last minute change of charter plans by Reefwalker Charters. Passengers have the option to be refunded their payment in full or to reschedule a booking for another charter date in this instance.

Passenger Information Reefwalker Charters recommend comfortable clothing of a lightweight material for most days and occasions. It is recommended to bring along a jumper and /or windproof jacket as the conditions at sea are often harsher than what you will experience on land. Reefwalker Charters have the right to ask any passenger to wear a life jacket at any time. Reefwalker Charters recommend appropriate covered shoes to be worn at all times during the charter.

Children On board Reefwalker Charters requests that children on board are supervised by a parent/guardian at all times. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must enforce that their child/children abide by Reefwalker Charter’s rules & regulations that are explained during the safety brief prior to departure. Children are prohibited from the fly bridge and wheel house/cabin of the vessel at all times due to safety reasons.

Sea Sickness It is recommended passengers use seasickness tablets according to personal needs. In the event a passenger gets seasick Reefwalker Charters cannot bring any passenger back to the embarkment point until the charter is completed. Seasickness is a personal health ailment & Reefwalker Charters are not responsible or obliged to give any refunds or offer an alternate outing to any passenger who may experience seasickness during a charter. Reefwalker Charters do not supply sea sickness tablets.

Fishing Equipment Reefwalker Charters provide all fishing gear and tackle bait and ice. If any gear belonging to Reefwalker Charters is misplaced lost at sea or deliberately damaged the cost of replacement value can be passed on to the passenger involved. Passengers are welcome to bring their own fishing gear and Reefwalker office staff is available to discuss this with you at the time of booking. Reefwalker Charters is not responsible for any personal equipment brought on board this charter.

Smoking is not permitted throughout the vessel and only a small area outside will be designated as available for passengers to smoke cigarettes where respect and care to the environment is essential.

Alcohol Policy Reefwalker Charters permits passengers to bring their own alcohol on board and this will need to be discussed prior to departure with Reefwalker office. Reefwalker Charters reserves the right to refuse alcohol to any passenger at any time during the charter. If any passenger arrives under the influence of alcohol Reefwalker Charters have the right to refuse boarding to such a passenger. Any abusive or inappropriate behaviour on board while under the influence of alcohol or indeed at any time will give Reefwalker Charters the right to organize the removal from charter of such a passenger or indeed terminate the charter completely. Refund of charter cost is not applicable in any way in this instance. Reefwalker Charters emphasize the risks of personal injury or loss of life damage to or loss of property that can be sustained on boats. Alcohol consumption by a passenger does affect your ability to adapt to the conditions present at sea and stress the importance of minimal alcohol consumption levels. Reefwalker Charters are alleviated from any liability caused from passengers not adhering to or conforming to stated recommendations and rules outlined by crew on board the vessel. Alcohol is preferred in cans

Food Reefwalker Charters permits passengers to bring their own food on board. Reefwalker Charters does not supply food and is therefore not liable for any passenger allergies or sicknesses from the consumption of food on board this charter. Fish Guarantee: It is our mission to optimize everyone's opportunity to catch a fish. Reefwalker Charters does not guarantee every customer catches a fish. Fishing is a sport of chance and many variables outside our control determine the catch rate.